The Gaming Marathon

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#310 - Aggressive Indifference

We detail the previous Growler stream and what we'll play for this weeks! Plus Asad plays and likes RDR2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake rules and Dennis will finally play Sekiro! Watch us live on Twitch and join our Discord! -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS 4/12/2020 - Alcohol Hypocrite

The Growler stream brings another bonus episode!  We are joined by two of our awesome listeners Jerry Hillman and Jeff Jones as we discuss Covid-19, toilet paper, gaming and Dennis's shocking revelation about his drinking preference.  Enjoy!

#309 - Zoomover

Resident Evil 3 is out and we have a review. Plus talk of our Discord and focusing on that, James being obsessed with MLB The Show, PS5 controller reveal and Stadia Pro being free for two months. Follow on Twitch and check out our new Discord: -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS - Growler Stream Aftermath 4/4/2020

A little bonus for you all!  A mini show after the Saturday Night Growler Stream with various topics, such as Tiger King, IPAs and Dennis's hatred of them, and a special appearance of TGM P1 Jeff Jones!

#308 - Asit Syed

Technical snafus be damned, we still have a show for you this week! Randy Pitchford still sucks, Goldeneye and Metroid Prime with keyboard and mouse, Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal and more madness! Enjoy! -- Watch live at

#307 - Mr. Snuggletokes

Two big releases and we have reviews for both. It's an Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal extravaganza! Please enjoy and continue to stay safe! -- Watch live at

#306 - Social Distancing Edition

The hunkering down has begun! Chase those coronavirus blues away with a great trivia showdown with Doom! Also talk of Gamestop being above the government, shipping problems with physical games and some PS5 details! Stay safe, quarantine yourself and enjoy!

#305 - Corona Boys

We're back and fighting the Coronavirus with all our lazy might! Talk of what games we would play if we were off work because of the virus, all the cancellations due to the virus, and Reggie with Gamestop? Like, subscribe, follow and enjoy! -- Watch live at

#304 - Looper

An epic face off commences between Adam and James over a piece of news that MAY or MAY NOT have already been covered. Also talk of the Xbox Series X, Asad not remembering what day it is and more! Watch live and follow us on all social platforms! -- Watch live at

#303 - Soaked Through

The Sonic movie is a hit! Will the guys see it? Also more Gamestop dying talk, Adam plays Control and James gets sucked into NBA 2K20. Check it and follow us on social media!

#302 - Bette Weedler

Real life superseding gaming! Blasphemy! Also Anthem talk and the Nintendo Play Station enters auction. Thanks for listening/watching! -- Watch live at

#301 - Datadank

We're back and we big farewell to Alec! Best of luck pal! Also talk of the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, Dan Houser leaving Rockstar and a Vegas meetup? Listen and enjoy!

#300 - Rocky Mountain Clams

It's our 300th episode! We reminisce about the past 300 shows and how we got to where we are. We couldn't have done it without our fans! Also Dying Light 2 talk and Godfall footage being leaked! Enjoy and thank you!


Lots of news this week! Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC? Cyberpunk 2077 delayed? James stole pogs when he was 14? Listen and enjoy!

#298 - Pothead Time Machine

Apologies in advance for the audio issues! We talk Escape From Tarkov, Star Wars games, Asad getting Uber Eats and stuff we played this week! Enjoy!

#297 - Game of the Year 2019

Its time once again for our big game of the year special! Also we discuss games of the decade! Extra long episode for you all! Happy New Year! -- Watch live at

#296 - Turok Dinosaur Hugger

Merry Christmas from all of us at TGM! We talk about our renewed interest in Destiny 2, our Christmas plans, HarrisonJr getting banned on Mixer, Warcraft 3 Reforged being delayed and Bethesda striking out once again with Fallout 76! Watch us LIVE on Twitch!

#295 - Postmodern Warfare

Full Game Awards coverage here! New reveals and the award winners along with our snarky feedback can be found! Enjoy and watch us LIVE on Twitch!

#294 - Alec Narrative

DENNIS HAS JOINED THE PC MASTER RACE! THE PLAN IS COMPLETE! ASSIMILATION IS A SUCCESS! Halo Reach talk as well. Enjoy and watch live on Twitch each week! -- Watch live at

#293 - James Mnemonic

Happy Thanksgiving! James is not here but the fabled 1v1 finally happened! What was the result? Reviews of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield and Call of Duty Modern Warfare as well! Enjoy and remember to watch LIVE on Twitch! -- Watch live at