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#167 - Preparing for Shipment

March 6, 2017

Sit back and relax as Adam takes you through his day of Nintendo Switch delivery rage, followed by his initial impressions of Nintendo's newest console. Next, it's this week's rapid fire news with details on the new Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service, a full breakdown of the Nintendo Nindies presentation, Oculus loweres the Rift/Touch bundle to $598, Gearbox shows off some of the new tech behind Borderlands 3, March 2017 PlayStation Plus titles have been revealed, self-publishing video games is set to become easier with the new Xbox Live Creators Program, the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer beta has been cancelled, the 17th annual Game Developers Choice Awards are discussed, character gear and power will not carry over to Destiny 2, Nintendo responds to the left Joy-Con sync issue some Switch users have encountered, a speedrunner has finished all 714 NES games and more on what video games are set to release this week. Finally, Adam wraps up the show with a review of the gorgeous and glorious Horizon: Zero Dawn, available now only on PlayStation 4.