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#323 - BDC Oil

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Halo Infinite is getting some hate but we think its unfair!  Also Death Stranding has bottomed out, Nintendo's Gigaleak and are we in need of more salt?  Make sure to bookmark!

#322 - Paladin of Palate

Its our recap of the Xbox Showcase with big announcements! Also WoW fatigue sets in and Death Stranding is really friggen weird. Check us on social media!

#321 - I Hate You A Latte

Ubisoft had their showcase and we discuss the big Far Cry 6 announcement!  Also Asad reviews Desperados 3 and DrDisrespect's ban.  Bookmark!

#320 - Pus Pocket

Back after a 4th of July break with more WoW talk, Diablo 3 Season 21 news, hot dogs and Asad's childhood near death experience!

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