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#312 - Dennistown

We take a trip down memory lane with the epic port forwarding rant Aaron had eons ago, with Asad crushing his soul afterwards. Asad also reviews Gears Tactics and more deets on the Growler Stream this week! Join the fun on Twitch and Discord every week! -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS 4/25/2020 - King of Cockroach Mountain

Another drunken chat with next week's game for the Growler Stream, other game ideas, and a deep dive in the pest control industry! Join the fun on Discord! -- Watch live at


We got a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake (and it's stellar). Gamestop talks about reopening (because they suck), and Asad does some very weird things (because he's high). Enjoy! -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS 4/18/2020 - Asad Beddy Bye

Another post growler show on any topic imaginable! Asad falls asleep halfway through, shocker. Enjoy the insanity! -- Watch live at

#310 - Aggressive Indifference

We detail the previous Growler stream and what we'll play for this weeks! Plus Asad plays and likes RDR2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake rules and Dennis will finally play Sekiro! Watch us live on Twitch and join our Discord! -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS 4/12/2020 - Alcohol Hypocrite

The Growler stream brings another bonus episode!  We are joined by two of our awesome listeners Jerry Hillman and Jeff Jones as we discuss Covid-19, toilet paper, gaming and Dennis's shocking revelation about his drinking preference.  Enjoy!

#309 - Zoomover

Resident Evil 3 is out and we have a review. Plus talk of our Discord and focusing on that, James being obsessed with MLB The Show, PS5 controller reveal and Stadia Pro being free for two months. Follow on Twitch and check out our new Discord: -- Watch live at

TGM BONUS - Growler Stream Aftermath 4/4/2020

A little bonus for you all!  A mini show after the Saturday Night Growler Stream with various topics, such as Tiger King, IPAs and Dennis's hatred of them, and a special appearance of TGM P1 Jeff Jones!

#308 - Asit Syed

Technical snafus be damned, we still have a show for you this week! Randy Pitchford still sucks, Goldeneye and Metroid Prime with keyboard and mouse, Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal and more madness! Enjoy! -- Watch live at

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