The Gaming Marathon

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#304 - Looper

An epic face off commences between Adam and James over a piece of news that MAY or MAY NOT have already been covered. Also talk of the Xbox Series X, Asad not remembering what day it is and more! Watch live and follow us on all social platforms! -- Watch live at

#303 - Soaked Through

The Sonic movie is a hit! Will the guys see it? Also more Gamestop dying talk, Adam plays Control and James gets sucked into NBA 2K20. Check it and follow us on social media!

#302 - Bette Weedler

Real life superseding gaming! Blasphemy! Also Anthem talk and the Nintendo Play Station enters auction. Thanks for listening/watching! -- Watch live at

#301 - Datadank

We're back and we big farewell to Alec! Best of luck pal! Also talk of the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, Dan Houser leaving Rockstar and a Vegas meetup? Listen and enjoy!

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