The Gaming Marathon

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#293 - James Mnemonic

Happy Thanksgiving! James is not here but the fabled 1v1 finally happened! What was the result? Reviews of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield and Call of Duty Modern Warfare as well! Enjoy and remember to watch LIVE on Twitch! -- Watch live at

#292 - Graphics Card Hustle

It's the November game craze and we talk Star Wars Jedi, Pokemon and Modern Warfare! Also Pokemon breaks sales records, Half-Life Alyx announced, and Anthem getting rebuilt? Follow us LIVE on Twitch! -- Watch live at

#291 - Trickle Down Twitchanomics

It's PC gaming overload! Alec builds a new PC, Adam gets a new GPU, James gets a rookie card, and Dennis and Asad are wildcards like always! Talk of X019, Google Stadia and the Sonic movie is on tap as well! Enjoy!

#290 - Succubus

A weird one! We talk Death Stranding, Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, Outer Worlds and.....Succubus? Also talk of Blitzcon and the major announcements. Make sure to watch us LIVE on Twitch! -- Watch live at

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