The Gaming Marathon

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#289 - Schrodinger’s Baby

We're back after a 2 week break! Talk of the Halo Reach test flight, Outer Worlds, and plenty of news! Follow us LIVE on Twitch!

#288 - Trickle Down Framerate

Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard! The guys discuss how their latest screw up has sent waves throughout society. Also talk of Adam cheating on Call of Duty mobile, Asad and Alec enjoying The Surge 2, Dennis hops back into Minecraft and James getting hooked on Fortnite again. Watch us live on Twitch! -- Watch live at

#287 - Bi-Polar Gaming Habits

Adam ribs the guys about his gaming future, Dennis plans his PC gaming voyage, Asad still hates RDR2, Alec bought a Core i9 and James dings at level 40 in WoW Classic! Enjoy and remember to watch us live on Twitch!

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