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#276 - Destroyer of Joy

The guys discuss if the free to play model should start being more heavily considered when it comes to game stability and profitability. Warframe, Fortnite, Dauntless and Destiny 2 are all discussed! Not Fake Game News discusses video game tariffs, the Steam Summer Sale and Nintendo adding more games to Switch Online. Gaming Shaming brings talk of Dauntless, Overwatch, American Truck Simulator, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and more! Follow us on Twitch to watch the show LIVE!

#275 - A Surprise Lack of Success

Its more gaming trivia as Dennis the Quizmaster brings a test of knowledge of the Nintendo Switch, and Dennis's huge revelation! Talk of piracy, news with Apex Legends joining the X-Games, EA defends loot boxes, and the guys talk what they've played this week, with Adam going overload on PC, Alec enjoying Xbox PC Game Pass, Asad getting Diablo 3 on Switch, Dennis getting some Mario action in and James fulfilling his trucker dream. Enjoy!

#274 - Requiem for a Syed

Its our huge E3 2019 wrap-up! We discuss all the major news from the big companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Square Enix, EA and Ubi Soft, along with our thoughts on some of the biggest announcements. Game Shaming brings us Asad's adventures in American Truck Simulator and much more! Watch us live on Twitch and give us a follow! -- Watch live at

#273 - Little Jimmy Toolbag

It's another AMA for TGM! We talk EVERYTHING, including cars, favorite drinks, thoughts on digital downloads and more! We also talk the latest E3 leaks and Not Fake Game News covers Destiny 2, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Google Stadia. LAstly in Game Shaming Adam goes on a PC gaming frenzy, Dennis dives into GTA V, James plays Fortnite and Alec plays Batman Arkham Asylum! Enjoy! -- Watch live at

#272 - Dispensary Simulator

It's the 3 Live Crew this week as James and Asad are on vacation. Dennis makes an announcement about his PC vs Switch decision and the guys discuss their summer plans of gaming! Not Fake Game News talks Death Stranding and Microsoft's impressive E3 showing on the horizon. Game Shaming brings more Zelda talk, along with Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo CE and Bomberman! Enjoy and follow us on Twitch!

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