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#271 - Erroneous Entertainment Expo

We delve into the E3 hype this week! The guys talk about what they want to see and some predictions of the show! Other random discussions were had too! Not Fake Game News covers the tariffs that may affect game prices, eSports in trouble and the Sonic movie getting delayed. Game Shaming has Adam still playing Civilization Call to Power, Asad with Breath of the Wild, Dennis with Streets of Rage, James with Fortnite and Alec with Sekiro! Make sure you follow us on Twitch and watch the show LIVE!

#270 - Want To Take A Shower?

After a week off we're back and slinging the gaming goodness back at you! Adam discusses his PC woes, Asad loves Nintendo, Alec kinda likes Detective Pikachu and Dennis still hates Sekiro. Not Fake Game News covers Sony and Microsoft teaming up, Mario Maker 2 getting a story mode and Final Fantasy VII remake shining bright. Game Shaming consists of Civilization Call to Power, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge, Sonic Adventure, Breath of the Wild, Days Gone and even Bomberman! It's good to be back and make sure you watch us live on Twitch!

#269 - Play Golf Til I Die

Asad has joined the Nintendo fandom by purchasing a Nintendo Switch for his big business trip to the Grand Cayman Islands! What does he think of it? Also talk of the Sonic movie, Psyonix being purchased by Epic and Alec reviews Days Gone! Enjoy! -- Watch live at

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