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#268 - Dr. Bongle and Mr. High

Freeform Friday as we like to call it! There's no set topic so the guys riff on what they choose, gaming or not! We still have Not Fake Game News with Epic employees working overtime on Fortnite, Anthem being a complete mess and Nintendo 3DS riding off into the sunset. Game Shaming has more Sekiro talk, much to the dismay of Dennis, mobile game talk and Forza Horizon 3! Watch us live on Twitch every Friday at!

#267 - Gaming Fatigue

Gaming can be quite exhausting, whether from playing it or other outside factors. The guys this week discuss what can cause gaming fatigue, with James' brother Steven joining in! Not Fake Game News bring HUGE news on the PS5 and an awesome Xbox One backwards compatibility update. Lastly in Game Shaming, Adam discusses his Sekiro victory, James and Dennis play The Divsion 2 and Steven dives into the world of rom randomizers with Zelda Ocarina of Time! Check the show out LIVE on Twitch!

#266 - It Won’t Last

A wild one this week as the guys engage in the classic debate: PC or console? Also we host an AMA with tons of great questions, so thanks to our loyal fans for that! Not Fake Game News discusses the Sea of Thieves Year Two update, Xbox Live and Game Pass combining to one service and PSN finally allowing name changes. Game Shaming brings up Dark Souls and Sekiro pwnage by Adam and Asad, Dennis and James loving the Division 2 and Alec diving back into Breath of the Wild. Join the fun LIVE on Twitch every Friday night!! -- Watch live at

#265 - The Boy Who Cried “Git Gud”

At long last, our review of the epic and difficult Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! To celebrate the guys have a roundtable discussion on FromSoftware and if they really have become one of the top developers in the world of gaming. Not Fake Game News covers Borderlands 3 release date and the complete disaster of Anthem's development. A quick Game Shaming segment allows Dennis and James to discuss their adventures in The Division 2. Lastly our Sekiro review is brought to us by Adam, Asad and Alec. Please follow us on Twitch to watch the show LIVE!

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