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#264 - Doctor Octopus of Monitors

We love video games, but we also think they suck sometimes! That's the main topic this week, which past consoles were we vastly disappointed by? You may be surprised at the results! Not Fake Game News talks about EA layoffs, Nintendo maybe launching more models of the Switch and Borderlands 3 and Remaster being announced. Lastly in Game Shaming, its all Sekiro and Division 2. Follow us on Twitch to watch the show LIVE!

#263 - Worse Than Contra

Rage is....all on the rage this week! Adam and Asad give their initial thoughts on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, especially Adam as he shares his utter destruction on Twitch with the game. Not Fake Game News talks about Google Stadia, Epic Games Store getting more exclusives and Cuphead coming to Nintendo Switch. Lastly, we have a review of The Division 2 for you! As always, we stream the show LIVE on Twitch! Don't miss out!

#262 - Two Good to be True

A very special guest is on the show: Steven Good! James' brother hops on to discuss the cult following of certain NES and SNES RPGs, then Adam bum rushes him with wedding talk! Not Fake Game News has stories of Ninja being paid to play Apex Legends, The Master Chief Collection coming to PC and more. Lastly Adam reviews Devil May Cry 5. If you missed out on Twitch you can always watch it on demand, as this is an episode to watch AND listen!

#261 - The Harvester of Human Sorrow

Is Capcom back? After the release of Devil May Cry 5 the guys debate as to whether the proud Japanese developer returned to the elite status it once had. Game Shaming is also discussed with Anthem, Devil May Cry 5 and much more. Not Fake Game News talks about Valve denying the release of a controversial game, Crackdown 2 getting the BC treatment, EA opting out of E3, and a patch for The Division 2 which requires you to download the whole Earth. James then reviews Trials Rising with hilarious results. Follow us on Twitch!

#260 - Ass Voice

Most of the TGM crew is fighting illness but still here to provide another great show for you all!  It's another installment of Dennis the Quizmaster as he tests us on our knowledge of Pokemon and Zelda.  Not Fake Game News covers the Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal, Cyberpunk 2077 appearing at E3 this year and THQ Nordic being complete stupid idiots and hosting an AMA on 8chan (BRILLIANT IDEA YOU TOOLS).  We then review Far Cry New Dawn!  Enjoy, and remember to follow the show LIVE on twitch at!

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