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#255 - The Aftermath

A week later, the guys are back at their respective homes with talk of the aftermath of their meet up, and discussion of the show "that was not meant to be". Metroid Prime 4 and Anthem dominates Not Fake Game News and Resident Evil 2, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Subnautica and Dying Light are up for discussion in Game Shaming. Also, the guys announce the show will be streamed LIVE starting next week! Enjoy and make sure you subscribe to us on Twitch at!

#254 - Mandatory Diversity Training Pt. 1

A landmark episode as Adam, Asad, Dennis and James all meet until the same roof FOR THE FIRST TIME to record a show! The guys discuss how this all came to be and the shenanigans that took place Friday night, and what's to come for next week's episode! Also we have a nice talk about video game characters that would crossover nicely in other video game stories and worlds. Not Fake Game News contains the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal and EA cancelling another Star Wars game. Lastly in Game Shaming, more talk of Spyro, Flatout, Dying Light and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe! Bookmark and don't miss next week's episode as it's part 2 of our adventure of meeting each other!

#253 - Quarter Munchers (Part 2)

We step into the Way Back Machine and talk our favorite arcade games and if we would buy one of those fancy new arcade machines people are making now. Also talk of Bungie splitting from Activision and Gamestop potentially being sold. Lastly in Game Shaming more Spyro, Dying Light and Red Dead Redemption 2 talk! Give a listen!

#252 - Gaming ResLOLutions

2019 is here and the guys talk about some of the games coming out this year that they're excited about and some resolutions they'd like to stick to this year. Not Fake Game News brings up the free games on both PS Plus and Xbox Games with Gold and Sea of Thieves getting more content. Lastly in Game Shaming Adam talks about the purchase of his new monitor and Spyro, James returns his 50 foot monitor and Wreckfest, Asad and Dennis going all in on Dying Light and Alec playing a whole mix of games! Enjoy, and bookmark!

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