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#235 - Office Space Shooter

A packed episode this week! We welcome Evan The Mayor from The City That Breeds to assist us in arcade madness! First Dennis the Quizmaster brings us another romp through video game trivia, consisting of arcade questions and classic video game music. Then we go down the disturbed rabbit hole when Evan shares five of the weirdest arcade games ever to be released, from BDSM to spanking simulators! Lastly it's game shaming with Evan talking Civilization 6, Adam with Final Fantasy XV, Dennis with GTA Online and James being consumed by Fortnite. We had so much to do we didn't have time for the news, so enjoy this hilarious episode! Also make sure to check out Evan on The City That Breeds!

#234 - Planet of Cheeseburgers

James is back this week with a fury! He rants on Adam, us not hyping Forza Horizon 4 properly, and a certain podcast network we used to be on in epic fashion! The guys also break down the Red Dead Redemption 2 and Doom Eternal gameplay videos that were released this past week, along with some listener feedback! Not Fake Game News consists of thoughts of Nintendo Direct featuring Smash Bros Ultimate, Bethesda being a bit dictatorship-like, and IGN getting caught red handed with plagiarism. Asad ends the show with a review of Dead Cells, the Metroidvania/Rogue-like 2D sidescroller. Enjoy!

#233 - Shade and Awe

Mad shade is both thrown and discussed on this week’s episode! First the guys give their Fall Gaming Preview of 2018 and which games they’re looking forward to in Fall of 2018. Next is Game Shaming with Asad completely blasting Gears of War 4 (and something else too!) while Adam finally beats Assassin’s Creed Origins, Dennis playing Titanfall 2 and Alec attempting God of War on the hardest difficulty. Lastly in Not Fake Game News, GTA V continues to dominate the sales charts, as does Nintendo, Spyro Trilogy only having the first game on the physical disc, Destiny 2 players spending 25 cumulative years throwing away shaders and Sony’s PS Plus games for August. Thank you to all of you that has liked the show page on Facebook, and we hope you enjoy The Gaming Marathon!

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