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#223 - Call of Duty is the Roman Reigns of Gaming


With the big reveal of Black Ops 4 and the details of Battlefield 5 coming out, the guys discuss franchises that MUST DIE.  It's a great discussion and one we'd love all of you to join in on!  In Not Fake Game News there's plenty of Call of Duty and Battlefield news, along with the NES classic coming back in June and Rage 2 being revealed as well.  Gaming Shaming includes more Titan Quest talk from Dennis, along with Donkey Kong love from James and Adam continues his adventures in Oblivion, and a nostalgic talk of Halo.  Make sure to bookmark and stay tuned for some extra special content coming very soon!

#222 - The Uwe Boll Bad Game Invitational

Hope you like crap because that's what the first segment of this week's show is about: crappy games we like!  The guys go through their list of games that are so bad they're good.  There's some surprises to be had!  Not Fake Game News brings E3 game leaks thanks to Walmart, Nintendo Switch Online details, no more Virtual Console, Thanos being in Fortnite and Anthem slowly becoming an EA money grab.  Game shaming brings more talk of God of War, Oblivion, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Titan Quest!  It's a doozy, enjoy!​

#221- Ahlnod Pammer

​It's a great debate this week!  Adam and James go toe-to-toe on Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.  James thinks its a hack cash-in, Adam thinks it's a faithful reboot.  What say you?  The guys also talk about their favorite comic book games due to the release of The Avengers Infinity War.  In Not Fake Game News topics include the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that just came out, God of War killing it in the sales chart, Rex Dickson leaving EA and Nintendo Labo's sluggish sales.  Lastly in Game Shaming there's more God of War talk, along with some Oblivion, Donkey Kong and much more.  Subscribe to us on YouTube and bookmark!

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