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#217 - Long Bong Silver

Arrrrgh me mateys!  This week's full of pirate goodness as we review the long awaited​ Rare developed pirate game Sea of Thieves!  Does it live up to the hype?  Also more listener feedback, game shaming where someone gets the dreaded boo, Not Fake Game News with PUBG and Fortnite heading to mobile and Twitch teaming up with others to end online gaming toxicity!  You land lubbers better be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and iTunes, or ye will walk the plank!

#216 - Oh Hai Monkey

The listener feedback continues to flow on this week's show with talk of our favorite video games of all time, what video game world we'd like to be sucked into, what game ever hooked us, and what happened to all the good wrestling games?  Not Fake Game News brings us talk of Drake playing Fornite, Toys R Us closing its doors for good, Shadow of the Tomb Raider getting a release date, Geralt of Rivia being in Soulcalibur 6 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 getting microtransactions again.  Lastly on Game Shaming, Adam summarizes his experience with Ninja Gaiden Black and thoughts on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Asad plays some Ratchet and Clank, Warframe-mania continues for Dennis and James is knee deep in Hyrule with Breath of the Wild.  Enjoy and subscribe to us on YouTube!​

#215 - Lotion Shenanigans

In one of the weirdest shows to date, the guys discuss the return of Inside Xbox with its extensive coverage of Sea of Thieves, along with the latest Nintendo Direct including big announcements of Super Smash Bros coming to the Switch this year and much more!  Listener feedback is also read, along with some Not Fake Game News that includes Black Ops 4 being announced and Fortnite going to mobile.  Game Shaming brings more Ninja Gaiden Black talk from Adam, Titanfall 2 from Asad, Warframe from Dennis and a whole slew of games from James, including Breath of the Wild and Forza fun!  Also, Asad has a little too much fun with some lotion while recording.  It's a doozy!​

#214 - Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Bloodborne

Listener feedback takes centerstage on this week's episode!  Thanks to all who contributed!  Topics discussed included what kinds of games we'd develop, longest we've ever played a game and much more!  A roundtable discussion about Xbox One's awesome backwards compatibility was a topic as well.  Not Fake Game News covered three stories, with Sony putting the chopping block on free PS3 and Vita games on PS Plus, Microsoft adding to their Xbox One X Enhanced library and Trumpster wanting to meet with game developers about violent video games.  Game Shaming is less Warframe and more variety!  Enjoy, and bookmark!​

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