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#213 - Are We Really Talking About This Again

In light of the tragic events in Florida and the Trumpster pointing the finger at violent video games as the cause for such a tragedy, the guys have a roundtable discussion on if video games can really create violence in the real world.  Not Fake Game News brings up the potential of EA losing the Star Wars license, Sea of Thieves not having loot boxes, DICE Awards wrap up and console sales being way up in the month of January.  Game Shaming brings talk of, you guessed it, Warframe, but Fortnite and Forza are in the discussion as well.  Also make sure you listen to the easter egg!  Subscribe to us on YouTube and bookmark!​

#212 - Need For Greed PayMore

A good ol' fashioned rant leads the way on this week's show!  James' pure hatred of EA has spilled over into a franchise that he once enjoyed: Need for Speed.  With the edition of loot boxes in Need for Speed Payback, James rips EA a new one for continuing to nickel and dime the gamer left and right.  In addition, Not Fake Game News brings us new details on Red Dead Redemption 2, Black Ops 4 coming out this year, Billy Mitchell having his Donkey Kong records removed by the Donkey Kong forum and Metroid Prime possibly being developed by Bandai Namco.  Game Shaming brings more Warframe talk, along with Asad playing the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC and James beating Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Enjoy, and subscribe to us on YouTube!​

#211 - Dumb Galaxies

Want a side of controversy with your podcast?  Then you came to the right place this week!  The guys discuss controversial games or games that have brought a controversy into the mainstream.  We hope you're not easily offended!  Not Fake Game News brings talk of Twin Galaxies being complete frauds and James mocking the idea of keeping records of old video games.  They also bring up the notion that Billy Mitchell is a big fraud and Steve Wiebe should be the rightful Donkey Kong champ.  Monster Hunter World having broken multiplayer is discussed, along with a new World of Warcraft expansion incoming, Nintendo still killing it with the Switch, and Red Dead Redemption 2 getting delayed, again.  Lastly on Game Shaming more Warframe talk, but it's balanced out with Adam and Asad's adventures in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and James talks a little Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Happy listening!​

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