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#187 - Jean Claude Van Ban

This week the Gaming Marathon crew discuss a few recent odd occurrences on the Gaming Marathon Facebook Group, followed by a continuation of last week's video game rage discussion. Up next, it's this week's rapid fire news including special stages are returning in Sonic Mania, fans enjoy a multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild before Nintendo drops the plumbers hammer, Xbox Games with Gold for August 2017, PlayStation Plus titles for August 2017, Atari and Sega retro consoles are on the way via digital media and tech company AtGames, Nintendo has sold 4.7 million Switch units as of June 30th, it is possible to carry over your timeline from the New Order into Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and this week's video game releases are discussed.

#186 - A Downward Spiral of Hatred and Failure

After a week off the Gaming Marathon crew return with more stories of controller destroying video game rage! After some listener feedback it's this week's rapid fire news including Star Wars Battlefront 2 open beta is set for October 2017, Ni No Kuni II has been delayed to 2018, Superhot is now available on PS4/PSVR, Square Enix reveals Kingdom Hearts III's Toy Story world and release window, Activision talks physics disparities in the original Crash Bandicoot and N. Sane Trilogy, Telltale announces new seasons for Batman/The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, the Nintendo Switch online app is now available on iOS and Android devices, the greatly anticipated Nintendo 64 Classic Edition may actually be in the works, John Romero reveals the super secret identity of Doomguy from the original DOOM's box art, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has gone gold and this week's video game releases are discussed. Finally, Adam wraps up the show with a review of the inktacular Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch.

#185 - Old Man Strength

This week the Gaming Marathon crew roll right into rapid fire news including a fan has developed a solution to make Metal Gear Solid playable on modern PCs, the currently in development Nintendo Switch online functionality was shown during the recent Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct, a Horizon Zero Dawn update adds New Game+ and much more, Shadow of War lets you face your ultimate nemesis from Shadow of Mordor thanks to a recent update, a new Destiny 2 trailer reveals an open beta set for later this month, several classic Halo games are getting the Xbox One backwards compatibility treatment, the full launch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been delayed, Xbox One users will soon be able to gift digital purchases to their friends and this week's video game releases are discussed. Finally, the guys wrap up the show with some game shaming. 

#184 - A Nostalgic Punch to the Face

This week the Gaming Marathon crew open the show with some game shaming to discuss what everyone has been playing since last week. Next, Dennis the Cynic challenges the retro gaming mental capacity of three poor unsuspecting contestants for a chance to crown the king of Super Nintendo trivia! After that, it's this week's rapid fire news including the announcement of SteamWorld Dig 2, Playdead Co-Founder Dino Patti starts up a new company and shows off Somerville, a breakdown of July 2017 Xbox Games with Gold, a look at July 2017 PlayStation Plus titles, Final Fantasy XV's episode Prompto DLC is now available, BioWare states that the tone of Anthem's story will be very much like Star Wars, the SNES Classic Edition in Japan has a different look and library, Nintendo claims the SNES Classic will only be sold through the end of 2017, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Master Trials DLC is available now, Blizzard announces a release date and details for StarCraft: Remastered, LawBreakers physical release and collector's edition have been announced, Mass Effect Andromeda will not be receiving single-player DLC per Kotaku, fans uncover a long rumored hidden alien mission in Grand Theft Auto V's game files, budget console gamers should definitely check out Sony's half year flash sale before it ends and this week's video game releases are not discussed because there is nothing out this week. Finally, Adam wraps up the show with a review of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on PlayStation 4... A fresh reboot for three glorious old school platformers.

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