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#162 - Electrified Kelp

This week the Gaming Marathon crew dive into their memories of video game accessories, from R.O.B. the Robot on the NES to the Donkey Kong Bongos on the GameCube. Next, it's this week's Rapid Fire News including a release date for Tekken 7, EA Access members can play 10 hours of Mass Effect Andromeda early, two new Xbox One S bundles have been revealed, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided story DLC is coming soon, Capcom readies the first batch of DLC for Resident Evil 7, Xbox Games with Gold for February 2017, Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta begins soon, Marvel announces a new partnership with Square Enix, the first image surfaces from Oddworld: Soulstorm, Obsidian announces Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and this week's video game releases are discussed. Finally, the guys wrap up the show with a discussion of incredibly difficult video games that were impossible to complete back in the good ole' days of retro gaming.

#161 - Life Imitating Memes

This week it's another edition of the Dennis and Asad show, featuring a look back at some of the most memorable video game presidents. Up next, it's this week's Rapid Fire News including Nintendo Switch pre-orders have already sold out, the battle between Zenimax and Oculus intensifies, Nioh has gone gold, Gabe Newell talks Half-Life and Valve's silence in a recent Reddit Q&A, Nintendo details the differences between Breath of the Wild on Wii U and the Switch, a New Fire Emblem title is in the works for the Switch, Obsidian teases project Louisiana, Playdead reveals their next project via Twitter and this week's video game releases are discussed. Finally, the guys wrap up the show with some Game Shaming. 

#160 - NyQuil and Sleeping Pills

This week Adam and Asad recap the recent Nintendo Switch Live event including the pricing, the release date, the gaming community reaction and games currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. Next, it's this week's Rapid Fire News with Nintendo once again filing a patent for Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Mass Effect Andromeda is set for a March 2017 release, Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer gets its own series, Microsoft cancels Scalebound, Dishonored 2's mission select and custom difficulty update has a release date, Nintendo will not bring Miiverse or Streetpass to the Switch and a breakdown of the video game releases for this week. Finally, the guys wrap up the show with a segment of game shaming including more of Adam's Superhot virtual reality escapades.

#159 - GOTY 2016 Special

The Gaming Marathon crew is proud to present the 2016 Game of the Year special! In the first segment the guys recap some of the games they played in 2016 as well as the hottest news stories, trends and controversial moments that defined the year in gaming. Next, it's the first annual Dennis the Cynic Snark Awards that reveal the good, the bad and the truly ugly the video game industry had to offer last year. Finally, Aaron, Asad and Adam wrap up the show with their 2016 Game of the Year reveals. Thank you for another fantastic year, we look forward to providing you with even more consistent Podcasting goodness throughout 2017.

#158 - Giant Cat Dog Animal

This week the Gaming Marathon crew return from their glorious holiday vacation to discuss holiday gaming, Adam's fancy new Oculus Rift and an extended discussion of the positives and negatives of Overwatch. Up next it's this week's Rapid Fire News including Crytek closes multiple studios to maintain a healthy and sustainable business, Xbox Games with Gold for January 2017, PS Plus titles for January 2017, new game + is now available for Final Fantasy XV, the incredibly offensive Super Mario Run hits 40 million downloads in four days (sarcasm), Blizzard confirms Tracer is Overwatch's first lesbian character, thousands of players pay respect to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Blizzard celebrates 20 years of Diablo with an abundance of in game goodies for all of their current titles. Finally, Aaron and Adam wrap up the show with a review of The Last Guardian after nine long years of development, available now only on PlayStation 4. Happy new year from the Gaming Marathon crew, we will be back next week with our big game of the year 2016 special.

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