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#154 - A Pathetic Feast

This week the somewhat intoxicated Gaming Marathon crew recap various Thanksgiving misadventures, Black Friday gaming deals and an in depth discussion on current RELM Network events. Up next it's this week's drunken Rapid Fire News including the contents of the Resident Evil 7 Collector's Edition, survival co-op mode is coming to Uncharted 4, a new beta patch targets many of the issues associated with Dishonored 2 on PC, details on the December 2016 Xbox Games with Gold, the third season of Telltale's The Walking Dead will premier on December 20th, the first free Titanfall 2 DLC drops November 30th, Hello Games announces the Foundation update for No Man's Sky, Resident Evil 7 PC/Xbox One saves will be cross-compatible, two PSN flash sales feature solid deals through November 29th and upcoming video game releases for November 26th through December 2nd, 2016. Finally, Asad wraps up the show with an extra delicious chocolaty review of Dishonored 2 on PC.

#153 - Fully Rendered Bush

This week the Gaming Marathon crew is ready for Thanksgiving eats, video games and sports with an emphasis on the eats! Up next it's this week's Rapid Fire News including classic game manuals for the NES Classic Edition, Super Mario Run has a release date, the tale of poor unsuspecting Goron2000 and the giant fully rendered Watch Dogs 2 bush, Dead Rising 4 developers remove campaign co-op, Star Wars: Battlefront celebrates one year anniversary with Rogue One DLC, the System Shock remake has been delayed to 2018, an interesting free update is planned for Dishonored 2 and arguably two of the greatest Metroid titles of all time recently celebrated 14 years of gaming goodness. Finally, Adam wraps up the show with a review of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We hope you enjoy this week's show... Happy Thanksgiving from the Gaming Marathon crew as well as the RELM Network. We will be back next week with another brand new Podcast!

#152 - The Elusive NES Classic

This week the Gaming Marathon crew take a moment to discuss the recent unexpected presidential election results, followed by tales of the elusive NES Classic Edition as well as Adam's thoughts on his brand new Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro. Next it's this week's Rapid Fire News including loyalty missions returning to Mass Effect Andromeda, a hot 3DS Black Friday deal, Xbox's new preview program, Blizzard thinks Warcraft: Orcs and Humans is boring, use your old NES controllers with the NES Classic Edition, Xbox One remains the top selling console for the fourth month in a row, Dishonored 2 is a bit of a mess on PC, Nintendo revives the Nintendo Power Line for one weekend and video game releases for November 12th through November 18th, 2016. Finally Adam wraps up the show with a review of Titanfall 2, currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

#151 - Jamaican Vibe

This week the Gaming Marathon crew discuss Adam's recent dual console upgrade strategy, due to the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the competitively priced Xbox One S. The guys wrap up the first segment of the show with the long awaited return of Game Shaming with Adam on Titanfall 2, Asad's slowly failing gaming PC, a big announcement from Aaron and retro awesomeness from Dennis the Ace of Shade. Up next it's this week's Rapid Fire News including Nintendo planning continued support of the 3DS, Wii U production to possibly end soon, thatgamecompany hints at their next project, Dishonored 2 goes gold, Star Wars Battlefront 2 to release next fall, Mafia III is 2K's fastest selling game, the Xbox One S gets added Blu-Ray functionality, Darkest Dungeon celebrates one million in sales, Call of Duty: Infinite PC Drama, Blizzard reveals amazing new content for Diablo III as well as the video game releases for this coming week. Finally, Asad and Adam close out the episode with a dual review of the gorgeous indie side-scroller Owlboy and the impressive turn-based strategy Civilization VI, both available now on PC.

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