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#145 - Good Will Blunting

This week the Gaming Marathon crew double jump right into this week's Rapid Fire News segment including Valve Vs. Digital Homicide, Kojima Vs. Metal Gear Survive, more details on Kojima's Death Stranding, Blizzard phases out the legendary name, Attrition mode returns to Titanfall 2, the CEO of Ubisoft praises the Nintendo NX for being easy to use and different, the first Deus Ex story DLC is now available and Polytron pulls Oculus Rift support due to the odd and questionable hijinks of Palmer Luckey. Finally, Adam wraps up the show with a review of Recore, available now on Xbox One and Windows PC.

#144 - Hot Frasier Talk

This week the entire Gaming Marathon crew return to reminisce on some of the best and worst (mostly worst) titles developed by LJN for the NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis and SNES.  Next, it's this week's Rapid Fire news including a last minute delay for the Last Guardian, titles on the PS VR demo disc have been revealed, the PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.0 includes some much appreciated updates, Team Ninja's Nioh has a release date, Kojima describes Death Stranding as an open-world action game, the first two Dead Rising titles receive a re-release, the Witness is now available on Xbox One, "Would you kindly" purchase the Bioshock Collection and South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed to 2017.

#143 - Quarter Munchers

This week Dennis the Cynic opens the show with another fun retro gaming quiz segment with sneaky questions from Crash Bandicoot, Castlevania, classic arcade gaming and other retro goodness. Up next it's this week's Rapid Fire news including CD Projekt Red increases their personnel for Cyberpunk 2077, Super Mario Run announced for IOS devices, the PlayStation 4 Slim officially exists, a full breakdown of the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the battle between Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network continues, with Xbox Live leading the way. Thank you for listening, we will return next with with another episode of the Gaming Marathon Podcast!

#142 - Press A To Sit

This week the full Gaming Marathon crew return with an extended Game Shaming session including Gone Home, Inside, Grow Up and more retro gaming goodness. Up next, it's this week's Rapid Fire news including gamers fighting for No Man's Sky refunds, Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience revealed, Konami has no plans to finish Metal Gear Solid V's missing mission 51, the PlayStation 4 slim exists and will likely be available very soon, September 2016 Playstation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold are detailed, a full breakdown of the recent Nintendo 3DS Direct and Firewatch is finally heading to the ole' Xbox One including new bonus features aplenty. Finally, Adam and Asad wrap up the show with three video game reviews in a row for Madden NFL 17, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion set. Thanks again for checking out the show, we will return next week with a brand new episode of the Gaming Marathon Podcast.

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