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#87 - Adam’s Gone to the Rapture

Alrighty, everyone ready to record? Let's do this in 3, 2, 1... Wait, where's Adam? This week, Aaron and Asad cover for the mysteriously missing Adam as they discuss memories of Rainbow Six, nostalgia for the funky sounds of the Sega Genesis, an attempted terrorist attack on poor unsuspecting Pokémon players, a possible return to cartridge based games for Nintendo and much more rapid fire news. Finally, Aaron reviews the newest controversial yet beautiful indie title for the Playstation 4, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Please checkout the Gaming Marathon on Facebook and Twitter, we'll see ya next week!

#86 - Straight Outta XP

The Gaming Marathon crew is back with the 86th edition of the Podcast! This week Adam and Asad discuss Asad's Windows 10 installation turmoil whereas Aaron reveals he is still running the lowly and obsolete Windows XP on his home PC. Next, the guys dive into another edition of rapid fire news including a Resident Evil 2 remake, the current state of Japanese game development, Sega memories, a recent study that links video games and aggression as well as Witcher 3 mod drama. Finally, Adam reviews Rare Replay for the Xbox One followed by Aaron's review of Rocket League for Playstation 4 and PC. Follow us on Twitter: @gamingmarathon and check out the RELM Gaming Clan Facebook group. See ya next week!

#85 - Tighten Up The Graphics

The Gaming Marathon crew is back with a new episode for your gaming brains! This week the guys recap Gamescom 2015 and dive into much more rapid fire news including Destiny: The Taken King, hard times for Konami employees and hints of a new Diablo title from Blizzard Entertainment. Finally, while Adam awaits the return of his refurbished Xbox One, he reviews a random PS2 HD re-release in Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition. Keep up with all things Gaming Marathon on Twitter: @gamingmarathon and check out the RELM Gaming Clan on Facebook.  

#84 - The Blades of Chaos

This week Adam and Aaron discuss Adam's Titan X Graphics Card, day one of Gamescom 2015, extreme excitement for Rare Replay, N64 memories and a ton of rapid fire news. Finally, Adam reviews the excellent and epic God of War 3 Remastered for the PS4. Until next week, check out @gamingmarathon on Twitter and chat with fellow listeners in the RELM Gaming Clan Facebook group... Aries!!!

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