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#83 - The Journey and the Mouse

Adam, Asad and Aaron are back with an extra fresh edition of the Gaming Marathon Podcast! This week the guys discuss Adam's Xbox One woes, Adam's fancy new PC purchase, is the Madden franchise in need of a facelift, sexism in gaming and another dose of rapid fire news. Finally, Aaron is excited to review one of his favorite indie titles of all time, Journey for the PS4. Keep up with all things gaming on Twitter: @gamingmarathon and check out the Gaming Marathon Clan on Facebook!

#82 - Godzilla vs The Mediocrity Monster

We're back with another episode of The Gaming Marathon Podcast! This week we discuss a myriad of topics including new music for Rock Band 4, Asad's interest in Dark Souls 3, Destiny’s 2.0 update, the release date for Angry Birds 2 and much more! Finally, Adam presents what could be the worst game review in the history of The Gaming Marathon Podcast... The oh so atrocious Godzilla for PS4 and Xbox One! Fellow social media users please follow us on Twitter: @gamingmarathon and join in on the whacky silliness of The RELM Gaming Clan Facebook group. We'll be back next week with more gaming goodness... See you then!

#81 - RIP Satoru Iwata

This episode of the Gaming Marathon is dedicated to former President and CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata (2002 to 2015). Iwata was born December 6, 1959 and died at the age of 55 on July 11, 2015 of a bile duct tumor. From the Gaming Marathon crew, rest in peace Iwata-San, thank you for the memories.

To The Extreme #4: Gaming Comic Super Duper Crossover Extravaganza!

The Gaming Marathon crew is off this week, so please enjoy this free presentation of the 4th installment of Adam and Asad To the Extreme! In this episode, Adam and Asad welcome George Hanna and Tony McNair from the RELM Network's George and Tony Entertainment Show! The guys discuss Thanksgiving and the general idiocy surrounding Black Friday as well as Adam's intense passion for Halo, Asad's continuous frustrations with Adam, George's soda dump adventure and Tony's obsession with "dat ass". We'll be back next week with a brand new episode of The Gaming Marathon, until then, keep up with all of our hijinks on Twitter: @gamingmarathon.

#80 - Holy PC Hoodwink Batman

This week Adam, Asad and Aaron begin the show by diving headfirst into the deliciously disastrous details of the PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Up next, the guys read through some listener feedback from the RELM Gaming Clan, ponder the best game of the year thus far and barrel roll through some more rapid fire news. Finally, Adam reviews the PS4/Xbox One release of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. Follow us on Twitter: @gamingmarathon, we'll be back next week! To the Batcave!

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