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#79 - Scary Toilet Clown

Adam is away so Aaron and Asad will play... Or something like that. This week we are back into the groove with a recap of some of our favorite E3 2015 indie titles, a discussion of video game violence (in response to the gory Bethesda/Doom presentation) and more rapid fire news for your ears. Finally, Asad reviews the excellent Metroidvania indie title Axiom Verge, recently released for PC. Follow us on Twitter: @gamingmarathon, we'll be back next week with our review of Batman: Arkham Knight!

#78 - E3 2015 Part 3

Adam, Asad and Aaron are rather crispy for the third and final installment of the Gaming Marathon's E3 2015 recap. Today's show is focused heavily on the PC Gaming Show from Tuesday June 16th 2015... The first PC Gaming specific E3 conference since the exposition was first held in 1995. Finally, the guys wrap up the show with the best and worst moments of E3 2015, one of the greatest Electronic Entertainment Expositions in years. We will be back next week with a brand new episode of the Gaming Marathon. Until then, keep in touch with us via Twitter: @gamingmarathon

#77 - E3 2015 Part 2

We're back with Part 2 of The Gaming Marathon's E3 2015 recap! Adam and Aaron detail Nintendo's Digital Direct event as well as the Square Enix press conference from Tuesday June 16th 2015 of the exposition. Adam also discusses some of his favorite announcements from the Bethesda, Microsoft and Sony press conferences on Monday. We will have another fresh Podcast ready for tomorrow with our third day of E3 2015 coverage... Ta ta for now.  

#76 - E3 2015 Part 1

It's our first day of E3 MADNESS!!! Up first, Aaron and Asad discuss the events from Sunday afternoon including the surprisingly awesome Nintendo World Championships followed by Bethesda's excellent entry into the press conference world. Next, the guys detail the insane amount of announcements from Monday "day zero" of E3 2015 including the Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Sony press conferences... It's a mad house... A MAD HOUSE!!! We'll be back tomorrow with our second day of E3 2015 coverage... See you then!

#75 - Asad’s Deception

This week Adam and Aaron are honored with a surprise visit from sleepy Asad! After a brief explanation, the guys discuss Fallout 4, Dark Souls 3, The Uncharted HD Trilogy, possible Xbox One/PS4 redesigns, Aaron's PS Plus drama as well as some more rapid fire news. Finally, Adam reviews Splatoon for the Nintendo Wii U! Please follow us on Twitter: @GamingMarathon, we will be back next week for E3 2015!

#74 - Please Stand By

The Gaming Marathon crew is at full strength with Adam, Asad and Aaron back in action in the Triforce studios! This week we discuss the recent XCOM 2 PC announcement, the release of Nintendo's new IP Splatoon, free games for June 2015 and a chat about what games we are playing this week. Follow us on Twitter: @GamingMarathon

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