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#73 - Witcher Mind Trick

This week Adam and Aaron cover for agent Asad Syed, off on yet another confidential mission. While Asad is away, the guys discuss Aaron's recent PS4 purchase, the glorious return of the Nintendo World Championships and speculation on what Rockstar San Diego is up to. Finally, Adam and Aaron review The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC, Xbox One and PS4! Follow us on Twitter: @GamingMarathon... We'll be back next week!

#72 - 30 FPS Can Suck It

This week the AAA super squad Adam, Asad and Aaron discuss new Destiny DLC, excitement for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and predictions for E3 2015. Also, Adam reviews Toren and Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster included with a sudden and concerning frames per second rant from Adam. Please subscribe to and review the show on iTunes and check us out on Twitter: @GamingMarathon. We'll see you next week!

#71 - Old Blood Rising

This week the guys discuss Yooka­Laylee achieving its Kickstarter goal in under 40 minutes and the possible return of 3D platformers along with a rant from Asad in response to Rockstar mod drama associated with the PC version of GTA V. We wrap up the show with a new segment of Steam Sessions, some listener feedback and a review of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. As always, follow us on Twitter: @GamingMarathon for all the latest show updates, and give us that 5­ star review on iTunes please.

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