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#70 - Razor Blade Ninja

Asad is off on an adventure for the week, leaving Adam and Aaron to discuss the cancellation of Silent Hills, Konami/Kojima drama, Steam community mod madness and hints of a possible HD release of Gears of War. Next, the guys reminisce on their proudest, nerdiest and most embarrassing gaming moments, with producer Aaron Lamb revealing a story so painfully nerdtastic, the anti-nerd squad should be contacted immediately. Finally, Adam reviews Mortal Kombat X! Please subscribe to the show on iTunes, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: @GamingMarathon

#69 - The Cleric A-Hole

If you're a fan of inappropriate numbers, today's episode is a doozy... It's episode 69 recorded on 4/20! Up first is Adam's review of MLB 15 the Show on the PS4, followed by our reactions to the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer and a look back on some of the greatest Star Wars video games released to this day. Next, we discuss the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V on PC as well as whether or not we are ready for a new Guitar Hero game. Finally, it's our big review of Bloodborne on the PS4! If you're into social media, "Would you kindly" check us out on Twitter: @GamingMarathon

#68 - All About That Gore, Bout That Gore

Adam is back from vacation and there’s much to discuss!  Two reviews this week with Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Battlefield Hardline, along with talk of GTA V’s download size, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Killing Floor 2 announcements, and the guys go completely off topic with the longest running debate of all mankind: whether In N Out Burger is better than Five Guys.  Follow us on Twitter: @gamingmarathon and leave a 5-star review on iTunes!

#67 - April Fools Delay

It's a super special April Fools day edition of The Gaming Marathon Podcast!  Where's Adam? Where's Zelda? Is April Fools Day annoying? Is the New Evolve DLC too expensive?  Asad and producer Aaron discuss that as well as Aaron's video game based education at DigiPen Institute of Technology, the recently announced Halo 5 release date, the critical acclaim of Bloodborne, Mario Kart 200 CC and Asad's review of Pillars of Eternity. This week’s episode is brought to you by! The best way to buy PC games online is through Green Man Gaming. Take advantage of the VIP and weekly 20% off codes by making all of your PC gaming purchases through the link on! Also, come say hi on Twitter: @GamingMarathon

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