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#37 - Steam Summer Sale, EA Sports UFC Review

Hot off the heels of the annual Steam Summer Sale, Adam and Asad talk about their haul when it comes to buying great PC games at a discount.  Also, the guys talk about Crytek and their money problems, the Watch Dogs PC graphics controversy, GameFAQs sucking after all these years and a review of EA Sports UFC.  Enjoy!​

#36 - E3 Wrap Up, Betas Galore, Mario Kart 8 Review

After a hectic week of video game news, Adam and Asad wrap up the rest of the press conferences given by Nintendo and Square Enix.  They also discuss the Battlefield Hardline Beta and the Destiny Alpha.  If that wasn't enough, Adam reviews Mario Kart 8 for Wii U.  Another rock solid episode.

#35 - E3 Special, Watch Dogs Review

Adam and Asad cover four press conferences with all the news and happenings from E3!  Major announcements include The Master Chief Collection, Playstation Now Impressions, Crackdown 3 and Uncharted 4, along with a review of Watch Dogs.  Our biggest episode yet!​

#34 - Glenn Beck is an Idiot, Video Game Controversy, Wolfenstein The New Order Review

With the launch of Wolfenstein The New Order brings discussion on past controversial games that have been released. Also, the guys talk about how much of a moron Glenn Beck is when he talks about Watch Dogs teaching gamers how to hack, Quantum Break and Battlefield Hardline trailers and of course a review of Wolfenstein The New Order.​

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