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#23 - Review Recap Round 2

Another review recap special for our listeners who may have missed some our reviews to some great games.  Reviews of Super Mario 3D World, Madden NFL 25 and Dead Rising 3 are featured, as well as a brand new compare/contrast review of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

#22 - Titanfall Beta Impressions, Goodbye Irrational Games, Battlefield 4 Review

A terrific episode for a terrific fanbase!  First of all thank you for helping the teachers in Gridley.  They got their jobs back!  Episode 22 brings all the info and impressions of the Titanfall Beta.  Is the hype to be believed?  Also, Irrational Games shuts its doors, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes platform comparison, Doom 4 on the way maybe, and a review of Battlefield 4.  This episode is dedicated to the memory of Anne Alberts.  Thank you Anne for your contributions to RELM, you will be sorely missed.

#21 - Flappy Bird Drama, Sonic Boom, Deus Ex The Fall and Need for Speed Rivals Reviews

Episode 21 brings analysis on the recent drama revolving around Flappy Bird.  Legit or marketing ploy?  Also some Sonic Boom talk, Asad gives his thoughts on Call of Duty Ghosts, and TWO reviews!  Asad gives our very first mobile game review with Deus Ex: The Fall and Adam takes a look at Need for Speed Rivals.  Double of the review goodness in one episode.  Enjoy!

#20 - Asad Rants on Dungeon Keeper, Upcoming Nintendo Titles, Dead Rising 3 Review

Episode 20 is here and Asad is pissed!  He discusses how Dungeon Keeper mobile is taking the “pay to play” model to an extreme, Adam talks 2014 Nintendo titles, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes being 2 hours, Amazon buys Double Helix and a review of Dead Rising 3.

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