Welcome to The Gaming Marathon’s new official website!

Greetings everyone! Asad Syed here, your staunch and honorable co-host as well as diligent, exceptionally talented web designer. After many months of toiling away long hours into the night, the website–as you can see–is up and running. Bear with us while I get the kinks worked out (and there are always kinks).

We are still in the process of adding our backlog of episodes. In the meantime, you can find our backlog from a variety of sources:


8 months….for this?

Well Jesus Christ, the day has come.  From the constant badgering to Asad to Asad constant neglecting his ONE duty to the show, we FINALLY have a website.  In all honesty it looks great, so we would appreciate your feedback on the look and feel, along with any glitches you may come across (and there will be many with Asad’s peanut butter stained fingers at the control panel).  You’ll be seeing a lot more written content from us on here, so if you have anything in particular you’d like us to talk about, hit us up on the standard social media outlets found at the side and bottom of the page.  That’s all for now!

– Adam