The Gaming Marathon #198: Fresh Delivery

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This week Adam and Aaron reveal they were able to miraculously obtain three Super Nintendo Classic Editions over the weekend along with impressions on the hardware and games included with the mini retro console. Next, it’s this week’s rapid fire news including Nintendo increases Switch production by two million units per month, Telltale removes a controversial image from Batman: The Enemy Within, recent Hellblade sales benefited mental health charity, Blizzard is hiring for a possible new Overwatch project, Michel Ancel wants to create another Rayman adventure, Mike Laidlaw departs BioWare after 14 years, Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN, The Flame and the Flood sees its best console debut on the Switch, Phil Spencer doesn’t like to pay for console exclusive content, Nintendo may be attempting to bring the Game Boy back to life and this weeks video game releases are discussed. Finally, Dennis the Cynic wraps up the show with his very first solo review on the show… It’s Steamworld Dig 2 on PlayStation 4!

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