The Gaming Marathon #197: A Rogue Jellybean

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This week the Gaming Marathon crew discuss the developing difficulty debate surrounding Cuphead and determine if and when exclusion is a valid design choice. 

Next, it’s this week’s rapid fire news including a Commodore 64 Classic is in the works, Nioh is coming to PC, the PlayStation VR hardware is receiving an update, 2005’s Star Wars Battlefront II has relaunched its multiplayer, Andrew House leaves Sony after 27 years, Blizzard announces the return of Halloween Terror for Overwatch, Destiny 1’s PlayStation exclusive content has mysteriously been made available on Xbox One, Stranger Things: The Game is being published by Netflix, a Witcher 3 patch brings PlayStation 4 Pro support, the first gameplay footage of Psychonauts 2 is available online, every Xbox One X includes a hidden Master Chief riding a scorpion, Bethesda takes on Nazis in the internet’s latest downward spiral of insanity and this weeks video game releases are discussed. Finally, Adam Asad and Aaron wrap up the show with a review of the visually stunning Cuphead on Xbox One and PC.

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